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We have morning, day and evening options: morning hours are 8 am - 12 pm, day 1 pm - 5 pm and evening 6 pm - 10 pm? Each 4 hour class session has 15 - 20 minute break in the middle.
Each course is one month in length, 32 hours in total, 2 classes per week, 4 hours per class and may run at a different time: morning, day or night.
The application process is very straightforward: you call us to discuss your background and career goals, complete a very simple assessment test and fill in a course enrolment application.
There are no prerequisites for any of our course at this time. All courses that we offer are designed for adult students with no or limited background in technology or those who were a part of an IT business in the past and are seeking employment in the field of technology.
We require a discussion with you to assess your potential and goals. You will also need to complete an assessment test.
Not at this time. This may change in the future.
We do not have any age requirements or restrictions in our school. In Canada this is considered as age discrimination and is illegal.
Yes, schedule an appointment with one of our instructors and we will be happy to help you plan your learning path.
We have Open Door events every Saturday that are very informative and fun. We talk about all the courses we have, our approach to teaching and the rapid learning techniques we use; as well as career opportunities and professional growth potential. These event are often complemented with a free to attend entertainment at the end.
For all of the technology classes we encourage you to have a pen and paper handy to take notes, as well as bring your own laptop to the class. You will be installing software as part of your training and if you install it on your own laptop you will be able to take it home to complete your homework assignments.
We hold weekly Open Doors events to give you a feel for our facility and meet with your instructors. Once you have applied and enrolled in one of our 32 hour, 1 month programs you will have one full week (or two class days) to withdraw.
If you don have your own laptop to bring to class we will provide you with one, but only for class time, you will not be able to take it home for your homework assignments.
All our courses have a strong emphasis on how to build a winning resume, how to efficiently look for work, how to successfully pass an interview and how to confidently apply your skills at work for the first three to four months before you start picking up your own experience.
We have been training IT professionals since 2004. Our new Annacis Island branch was opened in June 2016.
We are located in the Annacis Island Business Park at 1405 Cliveden Avenue, Delta, BC.
We have a bus stop right next to Pi building. Bus # 104. The best way is to use TransLink Trip Planner website to plan your bus trip.
We offer open to all and free for all weekly Job Shop for Techies seminar. Learn all there is to know about the tech job market, job search that works, resumes that generates calls, interview techniques that put you ahead of others and what to do on the first day, week, month on the job. Please check with us on the date of next scheduled seminar.

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