Technology Courses

We offer courses in Software Testing, Computer Programming, SQL and Java, that are designed for both complete beginners looking for training, career orientation, guidance and support, as well as students who already have some IT background and are looking for ways to refresh their knowledge and skills in a very short period of time.

Working with Data, SQL
The SQL Server developer course is excellent for anyone who wants to learn more about data storage and manipulation using relational databases.
Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming
This course covers the first steps in becoming a successful programmer, adopting all the concepts of object orientation programming (OOP) and the basics of the java programming language (one of the most used languages in the industry).
Software Testing Tools and Technology
In this module Students will have a deeper discussion on Software development organization units, team communication cycle bringing more details on team members roles, responsibilities and team environment culture.
Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Testing
An extensive course designed to deliver complex concept in a simple, comprehensive format. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to become a Software Tester.
Cloud Computing
Coming Soon
Web Design with PHP
Coming Soon