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WHAT IS Poludo ?

At the Poludo Institute of Technology and Media we are determined to provide our students and seminar attendees with the highest quality training, career orientation, guidance and unconditional employment support. Your success is our goal. Our course curriculums are built by seasoned industry professionals and are based on real life industry needs in tools and methodology. We bring back to you tried and proven successful instructor-led, classroom training. All our courses are taught by instructors in a highly interactive environment, engaging with students in a format most IT offices use to conduct their business.

We offer intensive courses in Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Testing, SQL Server and Java. They are designed for complete beginners looking for training, career orientation, guidance and support, as well as students who already have an IT background, and are looking for ways to refresh their knowledge and skills in a very short period of time. All students learn the best self-marketing techniques and will receive support in securing employment in the field. Our course in Software Testing is the only in-class intensive training that is run by a seasoned QA consultant with over twenty years of industry experience running test projects for leading technology organizations. Please review our course curriculums and refer to our FAQ page for any questions you might have, and feel free to call us or drop by for a visit.

We strive to deliver an outstanding level of support as you enter or re-enter the workforce.

Our Motto "Invest in Yourself"


Learn the most effective self-marketing techniques and will receive support in securing employment in the field of IT.

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Boris Poludo
Founder and CEO
Boris is a seasoned IT consultant with over 20 years of experience in leading, coordinating and managing software quality related projects. Making valuable contributions for his clients, Boris has developed and implemented planning, strategy, approach, and results-analysis related processes for various industry leading organizations such as: legal,financial and educational institutions, software and telecommunications corporations, as well as government-managed organizations. Over the years Boris has earned the reputation of a talented mentor and teacher, applying his unique training methodology for rapid learning results and driving both individual QA professionals as well as IT project teams to eminent success.
Sergei Olikhovski
Co-Founder and COO
Sergei is a talented entrepreneur and organizer who makes things happen the most efficient way. He has over twenty years of business management and teaching experience in Canada. Sergei brings decades of teaching experience, with an academic background in music and pedagogy. His ability to mentor, teach, and guide students to excel on their chosen paths makes him a sought-after leader. Sergei puts all his effort into making the Poludo Institute of Technology & Media perform at full speed with major emphasis on students' needs and quality of education.
Pat Payette
Sr Technology Instructor
Pat has worked with Canada's largest universities, including Montreal’s McGill University and the University of British Columbia. Pat also made an impact in the Public Sector and with global firms in several industries where he designed and built mission-critical systems and engineering devices.
"Technology is rarely the limiting factor. Rather, normal human behaviour often accounts for the biggest pitfalls and obstacles in projects and operations, hence the need for formal methodologies, honest governance and organisational rigour."
At Poludo Institute , Pat shares his insight by teaching the Theory and Applications of Project Management - from the traditional waterfall methodologies to the more recent Agile principles - "offering tools and mental structures that can empower individuals and organisations altogether."
Susan Olikhovski
Marketing and Public Relations CMO
Susan has many years of business experience dealing with clients and establishing multiple business connections. She has a strong programming/systems analyst and graphic design background. Susan’s exceptional communication skills and ability to assess bring cohesion and clarity to our mission.
Among other roles, Susan manages advertising, marketing and branding. She provides insight and invaluable support to the Poludo team through analyzing, coordinating, designing and strategizing for growth.